Thursday, November 5, 2009

Talk Good American

A list of things that genuinely came out of our mouths either on purpose or entirely on accident. Be entertained by what entertained us.

"Get your Eigo on!" -Mochi

Mochi- "My back really hurts today."
Melon- *looks over at hot guy's table* "Go lay down on his table then."
Mochi- "...what?"

-looking at a picture of Mochi and her friends dressed up for Reniassance Festival-
Mochi- "My costume was a dragon slayer."
Melon- "You look like you're about to go poison someone's apple."

-On the train to Harajuku-
*talking about Asian people*
Melon: "Yeah, that's such an Asian thing...wait...I am Asian..."
Mochi: "Did you seriously just forget that???"
Melon: "...yes?"

-Talking about Japan's train system-
Melon: "I mean, I love getting on crowded trains."
Mochi: *in creepy, calculated voice while drilling fingertips* "Yeees, 'cause you never know what will happen..."
Melon: O_o "....Eeee?"

21.10.09 In Nagano, Japan at the Ryokan with Mochi, Melon, and two friends

-In our room, there was a mirror hidden behind two sliding panels. But because of its level to the ground, when we opened it, we all scared ourselves thinking someone was looking into our room-
Blonde Friend: *talking to Melon about her talking about "killing herself" from embarrassment* "Why don't you go open that mirror and see if you can scare yourself to death."

-Melon realized that when she likes someone she is completely obvious about it-
Melon: "Why do you have to make me sound so terrible!?"
Mochi: "What?! It's not my fault you don't have a discreet mode."

-About a guy friend's eating habits-
Melon: "You know, he really is always eating."
Dark Haired Friend: "That's 'cause you are always feeding him."