Friday, July 29, 2011

An Attempt at Expressing My Insanity

Beginning a project is always exciting, but this one specifically has got me extremely excited. For the first time, I've got a talented artist, a new friend and wonderful human being named Kyle, who is creating artwork from my drivels of words I've thrown up onto a page. It's always a special privilege when someone finds your work intriguing and inspiring enough to bring it to life on a page and I'm taking it with more than a bit of giddiness. That being said, I don't usually post samples of my work on here because I either don't think its worth anyone's time or I simply don't want to share. However, this time, I feel like this piece is worthy of a bit of showcase if for nothing else, to make a record or to at least give a taste of what I'm doing. So in the next few days or weeks, I plan to post up little portions of what I'm writing for both Kyle's benefit as well as my own. Can't promise it'll be amazing, but it will be something I'm starting to grow proud of for whatever it's worth. 

Here's to the creative cliff and jumping off.