Monday, September 28, 2009

A Beautiful Beginning

From the Lovely Isle of Japan, Hajimemashite!
Here we have embarked on a journey through what could turn out to be the most life changing year of our young years. A catalyst perhaps for what is famously known as the rest of our lives. So while we scramble on through this fast becoming interesting chapter in life, we've decided to dedicate some time to sharing a little slice of this pie. Who knows what flavour will be dished up at any given time, but know it will be the truth, the lies, the inbetweens and the stuff that just doesn't rightly make any sense. But it is our thoughts as coherent (or most likely incoherent) as they are and even if they turn out only to be a pile of very interesting nothing, at any rate, they are bound to amuse someone as much as they amuse us. And it's proof that we still have thoughts and always will. And who knows, you might actually start to enjoy the bizarre twists and turns too. That is, if you're lucky enough to have an off switch for the more rational part of your brain. If not, you can get an off switched installed free at (highly recommended)
Otherwise, enjoy! From here on, the madness has been set free!
This has been Mochi and I'm sure soon enough my counterpart in mental crime will make an appearance too. If you hear from Melon, you'll know you found her.

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