Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh Giggle Box

Some amusing things people said that I just had to share.

-After Departure Meeting for Full-Year study abroad students-
Shin-san: Something about it is just so ghetto to me.
Mochi: *didn't hear beginning of the conversation* @_@ Did you just say ghetto??
Shin-san: Haha, what? It's true!
Mochi: Wait, what are you saying is ghetto??
Shin-san: Waffle House
Mochi and plenty others: XDXDXDXD Naruhodo.

-At lunchtime in cafeteria with Jenni, Melon, and Yousuke-
Melon: *trying to explain what the New England region of America is to Yousuke using hand motions among other things*
Mochi: *notices Yousuke looks confused* Don't listen to her, she's a strange person.
Melon: EE?! But I'm just trying to explain it! *looks at Yousuke and everyone* Why am I strange?
Yousuke: *in very amused voice* No no I think you are interesting
Melon: XO...
All others: XD *laughs out loud*

-At dinner with host family about to eat some chocolates shaped like sumo wrestlers-
Mochi: *in Japanese* "what if we split it in half?"
Host Sister: *nods* "Yeah!"
Mochi: *picks up knife and starts to cut it in half* "Yosh..." *cuts firmly in half*
Host Mother: "Ah! Sepuku!" (aka: Japanese ritual suicide)

Date Unknown
-At Nagano trip orientation taking about filling out food restrictions-
Shin-san: "Please, whatever you say you aren't going to eat, don't eat it. Some people will say they don't eat pork but then see something that looks good with pork and say...'oh, it looks so know what, fuck it!' and eat it anyway. That just confuses the staff."

Me: Well you never tell me what you like me to wear.
Baywatch: I just love the female body. It's God's gift to the world; the female body. God made Adam and he was alright, but when he made Eve, he got it right. 

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