Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Epic Moments

As of late I've really gotten back into my writing and started a few new things just to keep my imagination fresh. Of course they are all just snatches of stories most of the time, but the one I'm working on at this very moment is actually flowing rather nice. 4 chapters and I still feel like I can keep going without too much trouble. That's a good thing for me because I really hate it when I get that awful writers block in the middle of a really good part and can't seem to break it. But anyway, that's not the point, today I feel like sharing some of my "epic moments" that are some of my better little snippets of writing. Most of the time I have NO idea where those parts of my stories come from, but most of the time they are fairly laugh worthy. So here are some of the moments as of late that have amused me and some other people. Enjoy them please~

"He would knock her over the head with his gun if it wasn't busy shooting one of the guards down." ~ From Requiem

"The most he could do was throw a paper weight at one of their heads but somehow he thought that would make a bad first impression on the people now responsible for keeping him alive. 'Let's take good care of the guy that dented my forehead the first time we met'...yeah no, definitely not a good idea." - From Requiem

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