Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Dream to Reality

There comes a time in every young couples time together when the situation calls for a special moment of sacred-ness. It could be a peak in emotions or various other complex and at the same time, simple motivators. But either way, when the moment strikes, there is always a reason for why it happened then and there opposed to other locations around this large world. Fate? Destiny? Hard to say really, but either way when one is lucky enough to experience the joys of such moments, it is as if the entire world has simply slowed to accomodate your happiness. What a joyous occasion.

However, if you are the unforunate one that has never experienced this or have not the oppurtunity for lack of said relationship in the first place, well you are then only able to look on as a forlorn spectator wondering when it's your turn. Rest assured, it will come in due time and course when you least expect it and appreciate it the most, but it is rather frustrating to look on knowing you can't experience it yourself yet.

On a park bench in Makuhari, Chiba, Japan in the middle of the night in the park between Baytown and Kaihin Makuhari station, one such moment transpired. In the dark it was difficult to see the finer details but my fellow Melon and I got to be far off observers. Of course we got a bit of a giggle off of having accidentally stumbled upon a private moment and we did eventually leave to give them absolute privacy. However, it made the pang somewhere inside throb a bit more than usual to see it happening. But of course we wish them luck and happiness where ever this course takes them in life.

Later we happened upon the bench again just in passing and we both shared a good laugh and smile at remembering it. And at the same time, it gives that longing feeling. So here we salute the bench and all that it gives service to. The dream, the desire, the reality.

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