Monday, October 12, 2009


I promise to be strong and drive forward to the end. No matter what obstacles, no matter what blocks my way. No matter who says it can't be done and no matter if the wind blows to push me away. I don't care about the chances or the probability. I don't care about the odds that stack up or the waves that rise to wash me off course. People can laugh at me, people can talk about me, let them say what they like. I will find a way.

Because it's not just my dream and its not just my hopes and its not just my fear. There is a handful of people that wait for the day when I can stand under those lights and see it wasn't all for nothing. I will not let them down, I refuse to fail because people are counting on me. And more than that, I have to believe in myself. In who I am and what I can do because with the strong determination I was once named for, I can succeed. I can be, with the strength God gave me, exactly who I strive to be.

So thank you to the friends that didn't let me fall. To the boy that loved me in his own way even to today no matter how it pained us. To the girl who trains each moment of her life to stand besides me. To the girl who never let me cry alone even though she never got to stand by my side all those times. To the girl who had the courage to live and in turn, gave me courage to live too. To the anthem of their cheers in my soul that won't let me rest until it is done. This I promise: Watch me rise. From a dream, to a desire, to a reality.


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