Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Truth Can Be Found in Lies

How devastatingly simple is it to lie.

Grasping at words from thin air to alter the truth and create an alternate reality. Honestly, people don't question anything, do they...

How much simpler it is when those you deceive are those who do not know who you truly are...playing a role in order to appease those around you and to make yourself well-liked.

You offer up the words that you know will please and they believe you without a moment's hesitation. You could make a world of fake friends with the lies that they will believe.

You can get away with anything if the lie is reasonable enough. If it only masks who you truly are or what you truly think, then who is to know otherwise.

How many people lie in order to escape the truth and have others believe them? What about the people who lie praying that someone catches them?

It's hard to spin lies and know that no one will catch you. You pretend that someone will notice and someone will confront you, but being far from home and far from those who know, no one questions what you say and what excuses you make.

I lie because I don't want to be me...but I lie because I want someone to find me.

- Melon

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