Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Serious Matter

tOne of the most amazing symbols of Japanese male presence is the hair clip. Unlike other cultures where this is a sure sign of, dare I say it...homosexuality! (gasp) here, it is a sign of anticipation of hard work or an attempt to preserve those lovely, luxuriously styled bangs that come down to the fringe of the eyes from being socked with moisture. On a rainy day or within the realm of sports or even in daily life activities where the perfected bangs become an imperment to vision or accuracy, the hair clips emerge. And they come in all shapes sizes and styles.

And what we`re saying is not just limited to the common everyday Japanese young man (between the ages of 14-30), as a matter of fact, some of the finest examples of the elusive but infamous hair clip method are people of quite well known standing. Don`t believe us?

Examples: Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-KUN) , Kim Junsu (DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki), Yamashita Tomohisa (NewS) just to name a few

Oh and when they do it, you know there is a little bubble of excitement that rises up inside your little stomach knowing they are either sweating, getting rained on, or doing something that otherwise will make YOU sweat. But perhaps the finest example of the all too amazing hair clip is none other than Kim Jaejoong of DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki. Oh, has he mastered the very tedious act of pinning one`s bangs back. You know when those bangs get clipped in the backside direction and his very rarely seen forehead is shown to the world, well in the words of Melon, "things are about to get serious". Having troubles picturing it? Let us help you.

*DBSK prepares to play a game of badminton on a TV show*

YH: Alright guys, Yoochun and I are on a team and Junsu, you`re with Changmin. Jaejoong, be the judge.

JS: Wait, wasn`t badminton Jaejoong-hyung`s sport in high school?

CM: Haha, does that even count?

JJ: Shut up! Of course it counts *looks sulky and glares at Changmin* I`ll have you know I was an ace.

YC: *descreetly to Yunho* They have aces in badminton....?

YH: *shrugs* Uh, anyway! How about which ever team wins this match plays against Jaejoong to decide the champion?

CM: Is that even a contest?

JJ: Of course it is! I`ll beat you single handedly!

*Team Yunho plays Team Junsu*
*Team Yunho wins*

YH: Alright Jaejoong, that means we play you for the title.

CM: Oh brother...

JJ: That`s right prepare to be shamed! *pushes up sleeves and grabs racket from bench* This might not even be fair for you *test swings racket excitedly*

CM: He is way too excited about this...

*Start to play and in a few minutes the score is 3:1 in favor of Team Yunho*

YH: I thought you were an ace, Jaejoong? *snickers*

JJ: *winded* Alright...I didn`t want to have to do this but...you leave me no choice

YC, JS, CM, YH: O_o....??

J: Time to get serious *clips back bangs* Let`s do this!

YC, JS, CM, YH:..................................................*la sigh*

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