Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Utter Conundrum

I'm sure that everyone must wonder about this question. A question that is an essential part of life and that continues to enthrall and yet baffle the mind. It's a much talked about question and one that will most likely never be answered:

What is the other sex thinking?

Yes folks, this age old question is the obvious winner on the list of things that frustrate the average person. Millions of questions that have flitted through people's minds make up this one simple sounding bafflement. It may seem that you can guess is on that person's mind but you could guess to high heaven and never really know for sure.

You always wonder just what so-and-so is thinking especially in regards to yourself and especially so if you want to look at this person in a romantic or even just lustful sort of way. You just have to wonder how they see you and if they have any attraction to you too. Or if they do approach you, you wonder what their motives are and what sort of outcome they're seeking. Do they want a relationship in the end or do they just want a one night stand? It's just so confusing to figure out what they want from you especially when you want something in particular as well.

And then you have to wonder about the way they act towards you. If they're super sweet then you wonder if it's all part of their game to get you to go to a hotel/home with them. But if they are distant you wonder why they're with you at all. And then there's the waiting game that's played if numbers or e-mails have been exchanged. If you received the info then you have to wonder how long to wait before contacting them so that you don't seem desperate or eager but you can't wait too long or they might give up on you. And if you give away your info you have to just sit and wait and hope that they do contact you if you are interested.

I guess the way that people behave in these situations and they way they think just speaks volumes about the way people think in general. Just based on how a person perceives another's actions can tell you a lot about them. You can sort of tell how much self-esteem a person. Although if you like the other person there's no way you help but start questioning your own attractiveness even if you normally are very confident.

I guess my point is that the opposite sex (or the same sex if that's your cup of tea XD ) is way confusing and your self-esteem can be easily affected by them. But it's part of life so no one can escape from it unless you have no interest in love or relationships but then if that's the case, I'd have to think you are a weirdo.

So what's with this random topic?

I'm waiting to see if this guy I met a club is going to e-mail me. *sigh*

He's a super sweet guy although appearance-wise I wouldn't give him a second look if I just saw him in a crowd (aside from the fact that he's pretty tall~). I think I'm more afraid for my self-esteem if he doesn't e-mail than about missing out on him specifically.

Oh well, I guess I can just cross my fingers and wait!

- Melon

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